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Wavish, PM,Houghton, D,Ding, J,Leen, SB,Williams, EJ,McColl, IR
Fatigue & Fracture Of Engineering Materials & Structures
A multiaxial fretting fatigue test for spline coupling contact
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fatigue fretting fatigue fretting wear frictional contact multiaxial fretting spline CRACK INITIATION LIFE-PREDICTION FINITE-ELEMENT SLIP WEAR METHODOLOGY MECHANICS BEHAVIOR
A novel fretting fatigue experimental methodology is presented for mimicking the salient fretting variables for arbitrary axial locations within a complex spline coupling geometry, under combined torque, axial loading and rotating bending moment. The approach permits the simulation, in a simplified test arrangement, of the superimposed multiaxial fretting conditions between the spline teeth. This is achieved via the combination of a low frequency in-plane cyclic normal clamping load and a higher frequency out-of-plane cyclic fatigue stress. The latter is known from spline fatigue tests to play a critical role, along with torque and axial loads, in fretting fatigue cracking of splines.
DOI 10.1111/j.1460-2695.2009.01334.x
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