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Lyons, R,O'Malley, MP,O'Connor, P,Monaghan, U
Child Language Teaching & Therapy
'It's just so lovely to hear him talking': Exploring the early-intervention expectations and experiences of parents
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early intervention parents' experiences shared frames of reference partnership approach RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED-TRIAL LANGUAGE THERAPY SPEECH PERSPECTIVE CHILDREN EFFICACY PROGRAM VIEWS MODEL TIME
Little research to date explores parental experiences of early intervention. This study uses action research over a six-month period to explore the expectations and experiences of parents whose children attended an early-intervention group for speech/language impairments. This intervention programme was facilitated by a speech and language therapist and a psychologist and took place in the West of Ireland. Two focus groups were conducted with the parents of these children: one pre-intervention and one post-intervention. The focus groups were facilitated by two of the authors who were unfamiliar to the participants. Following each focus group, a summary of themes that emerged from the discussion was discussed with the clinical staff. Two changes were subsequently implemented: the timing of the group and clarification of parents' roles. Thematic network analysis was conducted in accordance with the processes outlined by Attride-Stirling (2001). Three global themes of progress, uncertainty and dissatisfaction emerged from the analysis pre- and post-intervention. In addition the global theme of certainty emerged pre-therapy and the global theme of satisfaction emerged post-therapy. The findings of this study highlight the importance of both service users and clinical staff co-constructing a shared frame of reference so that they can engage more fully in the therapy process.
DOI 10.1177/0265659009349975
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