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Wang, LQ,Liang, T,Chong, ZY,Zhang, CS
Environmental Science And Pollution Research
Effects of soil type on leaching and runoff transport of rare earth elements and phosphorous in laboratory experiments
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Soil Phosphorous Rare earth elements Simulated rainfall Manure FRACTIONATION ACCUMULATION MECHANISMS OXIDES PLANTS WATER
Through leaching experiments and simulated rainfall experiments, characteristics of vertical leaching of exogenous rare earth elements (REEs) and phosphorus (P) and their losses with surface runoff during simulated rainfall in different types of soils (terra nera soil, cinnamon soil, red soil, loess soil, and purple soil) were investigated.Results of the leaching experiments showed that vertical transports of REEs and P were relatively low, with transport depths less than 6 cm. The vertical leaching rates of REEs and P in the different soils followed the order of purple soil > terra nera soil > red soil > cinnamon soil > loess soil. Results of the simulated rainfall experiments (83 mm h(-1)) revealed that more than 92% of REEs and P transported with soil particles in runoff.The loss rates of REEs and P in surface runoff in the different soil types were in the order of loess soil > terra nera soil > cinnamon soil > red soil > purple soil. The total amounts of losses of REEs and P in runoff were significantly correlated.
DOI 10.1007/s11356-010-0357-4
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