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Bansode, V,Drebert, ZJ,Travers, SAA,Banda, E,Molesworth, A,Crampin, A,Ngwira, B,French, N,Glynn, JR,McCormack, GP
Aids Research And Human Retroviruses
Drug Resistance Mutations in Drug-Naive HIV Type 1 Subtype C-Infected Individuals from Rural Malawi
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In this preliminary study we show that in 2008, 3 years after antiretroviral therapy was introduced into the Karonga District, Malawi, a greater than expected number of drug-naive individuals have been infected with HIV-1 subtype C virus harboring major and minor drug resistance mutations (DRMs). From a sample size of 40 reverse transcriptase (RT) consensus sequences from drug-naive individuals we found five showing NRTI and four showing NNRTI mutations with one individual showing both. From 29 protease consensus sequences, again from drug-naive individuals, we found evidence of minor DRMs in three. Additional major and minor DRMs were found in clonal sequences from a number of individuals that were not present in the original consensus sequences. This clearly illustrates the importance of sequencing multiple HIV-1 variants from individuals to fully assess drug resistance.
DOI 10.1089/aid.2010.0203
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