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Keane, E
British Journal Of Sociology Of Education
Distancing to self-protect: the perpetuation of inequality in higher education through socio-relational dis/engagement
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social class higher education widening participation social experience UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCES FRIENDSHIP STUDENTS
This paper explores the social class-differentiated behaviours of access and traditional-entry students, based on a three-year constructivist grounded theory study with 45 undergraduates at an Irish university. The participant groups behaved significantly differently within the socio-relational realm, engaging in various forms of distancing behaviours motivated by a desire to self-protect and based on perceived relative social positioning. The paper illustrates some ways in which both disadvantage and privilege are performed at the post-entry stage in a widening participation context. It is argued that the 'closure' behaviours of class-based groups constrain the building of social capital by working-class students, thus potentially limiting the ability of widening participation policies in achieving equality goals.
DOI 10.1080/01425692.2011.559343
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