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Timmins, F,Corroon, AM,Byrne, G,Mooney, B
Journal Of Psychiatric And Mental Health Nursing
The challenge of contemporary nurse education programmes. Perceived stressors of nursing students: mental health and related lifestyle issues
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counselling life change events mental health nursing students stress PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS
This study aimed to identify the lifestyle behaviours of nursing students. The research tool was a 146-item questionnaire based upon the College Lifestyle and Attitudinal National survey. Most students considered their mental health as either good or very good. Those in the final year were more likely to rate their mental health poorly. Many experienced programme-related stressors including examinations and assignments and studies in general. More than one-third also reported stressors related to relationships with clinical staff and clinical assessment of competence. There is a concern that the added demands of modern nursing programmes place the student under considerably more pressure, because of competing demands. While many students talk to their peers or family, many do not and prefer rather to go it alone, with some choosing to escape through alcohol or drugs. The support and encouragement of healthy coping mechanisms among nursing students is paramount to ensure a healthy nursing workforce for the future. Nursing students support the mental and physical health of others, and therefore in many ways ought to a role model. Nurturing and supporting their mental health is crucial to the future of profession.
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2850.2011.01780.x
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