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Tiernan Henry
Symposium on Higher Education
Researching Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
NUI Galway
Invited Oral Presentation
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I hear the ancient footsteps like the motion of the sea: using a scholarly approach to reflecting on teaching and learning Field work is the cornerstone of geoscience training and education, yet this has rarely been widely articulated in the context of pedagogy and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Within the geosciences it is accepted that students learn their craft in the field and learn to read and map the landscape in the field. In this presentation I will talk about the pedagogy of field work, about the impacts on the student affective domain (and the possible links to the cognitive domain), and the opportunities afforded within the teaching and learning environment for student engagement, for flipped teaching, for immersion in the teaching and learning, for formal and informal teaching and learning. I will suggest that the educational opportunities afforded in field work are transferrable and offer opportunities for other disciplines to try the same approach.
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