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Declan Coogan
4th International Conference on Non Violent Resistance
Supporting Parents and Practitioners with the Non Violent Resistance Programme– Practitioners Responses to an NVR training programme in Ireland.
Malmo, Sweden
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Background and aim: Child to parent violence and abuse raises a variety of dilemmas and questions for practitioners and for researchers – what is the best response, how to work with families and how to support practitioners? The aim of this proposed workshop is to demonstrate the links between training, practice and research with Non Violent Resistance in Ireland. Drawing from personal practice and research, the facilitator will share the experiences of practitioners in Ireland supporting parents living with child to parent violence. Delegates will also hear about an action research project involving 5 countries (Bulgaria, England, Ireland, Spain and Sweden) exploring the response of practitioners to 2 models of intervention – Non Violent Resistance and Break4Change. Methods: Following a brief review of research conducted in Europe on child to parent violence, the theme of ‘this is how we do NVR’ is addressed when the facilitator uses case examples from practice and quotes from practitioners to illustrate how practitioners in Ireland responded to NVR training and implemented support aspects of NVR. A case discussion and role play will encourage participants to ‘think through’ practice dilemmas in NVR implementation and to resolve challenges. A question and answer session where the facilitator and workshop participants will explore ideas and dilemmas that emerged in earlier parts of the workshop. Results and Conclusion: Research and experience indicates that NVR effectively supports practitioners and parents in addressing child to parent violence and abuse.
UNESCO Child & Family Research Centre, NUI Galway
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