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Costanzo, A,Feely, M,Moore, K,Byrne, HJ,Lewis, E,MacCraith, BD,McGlynn, E,McLaughlin, JA,OSullivan, GD,Ryder, AG,Walsh, JE
The application of laser Raman spectroscopy to fluid inclusion studies: A case study from Pocos de Caldas Alkaline Massif, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
Opto-Ireland 2005: Optical Sensing and Spectroscopy
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laser Raman spectroscopy fluid inclusions solid phases burbankite carbonatites IDENTIFICATION CARBONATITES MICROPROBE MINERALS APATITE
Laser-excited Raman microprobe (LRM) spectroscopy has been used for the identification and nondestructive analysis of individual solid phases in mineral-hosted fluid inclusions from Brazilian alkaline rocks. Fluid inclusions from the Pocos de Caldas Massif in Brazil contain remarkable multisolid-bearing fluid inclusions. The size range of the inclusions encountered during microscope examination is between 13 and 70 mu m while the solid phases are normally about 10 mu m. The LRM revealed the presence of a sodium rich, carbonate-bearing mineral assemblage including the very rare strontium-cerium carbonate Burbankite, usually found in carbonatite or associated rocks.
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