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Scott, M,Sorcinelli, G,Gutierrez, P,Moffatt, C,DesAutels, P,Donnellan, B,Larsen, TJ,Levine, L,DeGross, JI
CONFERENCEXP: An enabling technology for organizational resilience
Transfer and Diffusion of Information Technology for Organizational Resilience
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video-conferencing virtual teams organizational resilience NETWORKS COMMUNICATION
In order to respond to dynamic challenges, this paper argue that companies can develop a resilient capacity through the development of virtual teams and use of enabling technologies such as video-conferencing. The ability to respond to change creates pressure for proactive responses and the development of organizational flexibility and structural agility. Virtual teams and the use of technology such as video-conferencing can help organizations meet the evolving challenges of the business world and enable organizations to adapt better. This technology enables workers to increase their productive capacity and take advantage of expert collaborations. As a result, managers are looking to video-conferencing technology to help implement initiatives on the development of organizational resilience.
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