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O'Connor, M. and Cormican, K.
Proceedings of the 8th European Conference for Knowledge Management
Technology transfer in the medical device industry
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technology transfer medical device industry methodology
Remenyi, D,Martins, B.
The most critical issue facing organisations today is creating the ability to bring innovative customer focused products to market faster, cheaper, smarter and better than their competitors. Product innovation is a knowledge intensive, complex and expensive process and it is fraught with uncertainty. Many organisations use commercial arrangements such as licensing, acquisition or joint venture to obtain new technologies which they transfer to and integrate with their existing technologies to generate new products. This process is referred to as technology transfer. Technology transfer can be defined as the process of transferring knowledge or expertise related to some aspect of technology from one user to another. It is a complex activity and companies face many problems in this regard. Organisations must understand how to transfer the technology (and all the knowledge associated with it) to their facility so that they can embed it into their existing processes and supply it to the market or combine it with existing knowledge and technologies for use in future innovations. Technologies obtained externally must be transferred to the receiving company in a systematic, timely and cost effective manner if they are to be used in launching successful new products. In order to do this they must attempt to identify and capture critical knowledge and information from workers in the transferring site, move it to the receiving site and embed it there so that it is not forgotten or lost. This case study examines the knowledge related issues regarding technology transfer in a large multinational organisation operating in the medical device industry. It documents the specific knowledge management problems encountered as well as the solution designed to overcome these problems. It also presents a methodology for technology transfer. The methodology incorporates a sequence of stages or steps that should be considered when planning, scheduling and executing a technology transfer. The methodology ensures that roles are clarified, appropriate training is undertaken, validation processes are considered, supply to the market is maintained and that all relevant information and equipment is transferred in a controlled, timely and cost effective manner. While the methodology was developed for the healthcare industry, it can also be used by other industry sectors.
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