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Zeleti, FA,Ojo, A,CamarinhaMatos, LM,Afsarmanesh, H
15th IFIP WG 5.5Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises
Capability Matrix for Open Data
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Open data value chain open data value chain Information Technology capabilities open data capabilities data-driven virtual organizations
Afsarmanesh H.,Camarinha-Matos L.M.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
With the rapid growth of data on the web, a significant number of businesses have embraced the idea of open data to enable innovation, generate revenue and develop new data products and services. However, many businesses are still reluctant due to paucity of information on requisite capabilities to successfully publish and reuse open data to support their business goals. However, scholarly efforts articulating the nature and types of capabilities required for open data processes and innovation are very limited. This could be partly attributed to the fact that most of the discussions on open data capabilities are predominantly in the practice community. We bridge this knowledge gap by mapping Open Data (OD) capabilities described in extant literature, organizing these capabilities into major capability areas and deconstructing these areas to build a capability matrix. The resulting capability matrix provides OD program managers in particular with a framework (or tool) to develop their detailed OD capability requirements. We also believe that the developed framework provides researchers with a foundation for further analysis of OD capabilities.
New University of Lisbon,UNINOVA,Universiteit van Amsterdam
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Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences