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Costello, C,Molloy, O,Lyons, G,Duggan, J,IEEE Computer Society
Sixteenth International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, Proceedings
Using event-based process modelling to support six sigma quality
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Collaborative and operational process visibility requires a process performance monitoring framework that provides traceability in near real-time. Process variability produces non-conforming or defective products and services. The focus of a Six Sigma quality programme is to reduce variability using statistical methods to highlight variance. Business interactions may be modelled using an event-based process model. In addition, business object information may be packaged with enterprise events. Process models lack the performance and quality information necessary for complete process lifecycle management and portability across disparate process management systems. This paper will describe the combination of process model, event and defect information to support a Six Sigma reporting mechanism for achieving process transparency. A proposition to supplement current process definition languages with such performance information is also included.
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