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McGinty, S,O'Connor, GM,Glynn, TJ,McInerney, JG,Farrell, G,Denieffe, DM,Barry, LP,Gamble, HS,Hughes, PJ,Moore, A
A comparative study of channel formation in polymer materials using VUV and UV nano-second laser sources for use in micro-fluidic applications
Opto-Ireland 2005: Optoelectronics, Photonic Devices, and Optical Networks
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laser ablation polymer materials micro-fluidics MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES ABLATION IRRADIATION CHIP
UV and VUV laser ablation of micro-fluidic circuits for micro-total analysis systems (mu TAS) is an alternative to more expensive techniques of LIGA or micro-moulding. The machining of trenches in PS, PC. PMMA (CQ grade and non-CQ grade) was investigated using two Q-switched solid state lasers.. one operating at 266nm (fourth harmonic) and another at 355nm (third harmonic). These results were compared with results achieved using a 193nm Excimer laser. The structuring of the channels depends on both the laser wavelength and the target material. A comparison of the process will be presented with respect to the structure quality and efficiency of the process. Keywords: Laser ablation.. polymer materials, micro-fluidics.
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