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Porwol, L,Ojo, A,Breslin, J,Janssen, M,Bannister, F,Glassey, O,Scholl, HJ,Tambouris, E,Wimmer, MA,Macintosh, A
Joint Workshop on Electronic Government and Electronic Participation, IFIP EGOV 2014 and ePart 2014
A Semantic Deliberation Model for e-Participation
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e-participation citizen-led e-participation e-participation framework
Janssen M.F.W.H.A.,Scholl H.J.,Macintosh A.,Tambouris E.,Glassey O.,Bannister F.,Wimmer M.A.
The Lloyd Institute, Trinity College, College GreenDublin, Ireland
There have been very few attempts so far to develop a comprehensive and rigorous conceptualization for deliberations in e-participation. Without a rigorous and formal conceptualization of deliberation, consistent content descriptions creation, deliberation records sharing and seamless exploration is difficult. In addition, no e-participation deliberation ontology exists to support citizen-led e-participation particularly when considering contributions made on the social media platforms. This work bridges this gap by providing a rich conceptualization and corresponding formal and executable ontology for deliberation in the context of e-participation. The semantic model covers the core concepts of technology-mediated political discussion and explicitly supports the integrated citizen-and government-led model of e-Participation enabled by social media. Results from the use of the ontology in describing e-Participation deliberation information at Local Government projects are also presented.
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Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences