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Mullan, C,Ilie, D,O'Connor, GM,Favre, S,Glynn, TJ,Pfleging, W,Lu, Y,Washio, K,Bachmann, FG,Hoving, W
Machining hole arrays in polyimide using a UV solid state laser and predetermined temporal pulse patterns - art. no. 64590G
Laser-based Micro- and Nanopackaging and Assembly
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laser drilling UV polyimide hole arrays pulse picker REPETITION RATE ABLATION-RATE POLYMERS
A solid-state UV laser was used to make arrays of reproducible percussion-drilled micron-sized holes in polyimide. An optical switch was employed as a pulse picker to select specific patterns of pulses from the high repetition rate laser beam. The ability to control and vary the number of pulses per burst and the time between bursts enhanced the drilling rate while minimizing thermal damage around the holes. The optimum pulse patterns were determined experimentally. A photodiode acted as a breakthrough sensor to end the drilling and optimize the exit hole size and quality. Results were compared with computer simulations of the drilling process based on modeling of the laser/material interaction.
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