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Lim, DJH,Mulkerrin, SM,Mulkerrin, EC,O'Keeffe, ST
Age And Ageing
A randomised trial of the effect of different fluid consistencies used in the management of dysphagia on quality of life: a time trade-off study
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dysphagia quality of life time trade-off thickened fluid dietary modification older people THICKENED LIQUIDS CARE
Methods: the risk of aspiration with thin fluids was explained to consecutive hospital patients without dysphagia (n = 76) and to a convenience sample of healthcare professionals (n = 75) who were then randomly allocated to drink as much as possible of 200 ml of pre-prepared water of Grade 1 (very mildly thick) or Grade 2 (mildly thick) consistency. A standardised script with a ping-pong approach was then used to elicit TTO utilities for use of thickened fluids using a 10-year horizon.Results: median (inter-quartile range) utilities were 0.7 (0.5-0.9) for those receiving Grade 1 and 0.5 (0.3-0.7) for those receiving Grade 2 consistency fluid (Mann-Whitney test, P = 0.001). Thus, for example, on average those allocated to Grade 2 fluid would be willing to sacrifice 5 years of a 10-year lifespan not to be restricted to fluid of that consistency. There were no significant differences between patient and professional values.Conclusion: patients and professionals judge that long-term use of thickened fluids would significantly impair quality of life. Utilities associated with more viscous fluids are particularly low.
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