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Boland, EL,Grogan, JA,Conway, C,Mchugh, PE
Computer Simulation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Implanted Biodegradable Stents in a Remodelling Artery
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Coronary stents have revolutionised the treatment of coronary artery disease. While coronary artery stenting is now relatively mature, significant scientific and technological challenges still remain. One of the most fertile technological growth areas is biodegradable stents; here, there is the possibility to generate stents that will break down in the body once the initial necessary scaffolding period is past (6-12 months) (Grogan et al. in Acta Biomater 7:3523, 2011) and when the artery has remodelled (including the formation of neo-intima). A stent angioplasty computational test-bed has been developed by the authors, based on the Abaqus software (DS-SIMULIA, USA), capable of simulating stent tracking, balloon expansion, recoil and in vivo loading in a atherosclerotic artery model. Additionally, a surface corrosion model to simulate uniform and pitting corrosion of biodegradable stents and a representation of the active response of the arterial tissue following stent implantation, i.e. neointimal remodelling, has been developed. The arterial neointimal remodelling simulations with biodegradable stent corrosion demonstrate that the development of new arterial tissue around the stent struts has a substantial effect on the mechanical behaviour of degrading stents.
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