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Reilly, K,Clavin, A,Morrissey, J
Journal of Geography in Higher Education
Participative critical enquiry in graduate field-based learning
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Bosnia-Herzegovina field-based learning (FBL) critical pedagogy graduate fieldwork participative critical enquiry INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES GEOGRAPHY FIELDWORK DIRECT EXPERIENCE POSITIONALITY EDUCATION
This paper outlines a critical pedagogic approach to field-based learning (FBL) at graduate level. Drawing on student experience stemming from a FBL module and as part of an MA programme in Environment, Society and Development, the paper addresses the complexities associated with student-led, participative critical enquiry during fieldwork in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The paper examines emerging student discourses through a group assessment and a series of individual reflective journals. Both are contextualised in relation to FBL module learning outcomes. Finally, aspects of fieldwork influencing the feasibility and effectiveness of participative critical enquiry as a field-based pedagogic endeavour are considered.
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