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Khoo, Su-ming; Swanson; Dalene
American Educational Research Association 2016
Are we really that “postcolonial”? Perspectives on internationalization from the EIHE project and the cases of Scotland and Ireland
Washington DC
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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This paper compares some of the EIHE country data and findings (comprising survey data, national policy findings and implementation data), broader analyses of higher education policies and internationalization, together with other relevant contextual data in Scotland and Ireland. We situate our readings of contemporary discourses internationalizing higher education against the differential backgrounds of rising popular nationalism in Scotland, on the one hand, and ‘revisionist debates’ (Kennedy 1993) and the demise of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ in Ireland, on the other. Where we see similarities, however, are in the strong national drives to expand educational research in both countries, and to conform to objectivist, ‘evidence-based’ demands for measurement and evaluation, There is an increasingly oppressive and authoritarian ‘audit culture’ within HE institutions and policy institutes, driven by bureaucratic processes of ‘reform’ and the demands of ‘academic capitalism’ (Slaughter and Rhoades 2004). Notable in the case of Ireland is the tendency for educational reforms to follow a ‘samurai’ trajectory of self-colonization (Yoshioka 1995), copying external (specifically, English) metrics and evaluative schemas as benchmarks for ‘internationalizing’ institutional and national higher education reforms.
Academy of Finland; Irish Research Council
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context