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Khoo, Su-ming; Pashby, Karen; Haapakoski,Jani; Hellsten, Meeri
American Educational Research Association 2016
Troubling cartographies and ambivalent imaginaries – using heuristic models heuristically
Washington DC
International Refereed Conference
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The EIHE project has enabled a research collective to form around individual and collective ‘imaginaries’ of higher education, exploring associated ideas about global citizenship, interdependence, global change and social accountability. This paper reflects on the use of social cartographies and ‘imaginaries’ as heuristics for analysing qualitative and quantitative data in the project. Social cartography (Paulston, 1999;2000) and the application of the idea of social ‘imaginaries’ (Castoriadis 1987) to higher education informed the development of a heuristic to enable three major discursive orientations - neoliberal, liberal and critical as well as their interfaces- to be mapped and visualized as a tool for analysis. Perspectives emerging from the data could be clarified and compared using the heuristic, which is flexible enough to allow the identification of ambivalent, partial and overlapping positions.
Academy of Finland; Irish Research Council
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context