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Scanlon, B.; Breivik, O.; Bidlot, J.R.; Janssen, P.A.E.M.; Callaghan, A.H.; Ward, B.
Journal Of Physical Oceanography
Modeling Whitecap Fraction with a Wave Model
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Atm/Ocean Structure/ Phenomena Atmosphere-ocean interaction Numerical weather prediction/forecasting Waves, oceanic Models and modeling Wave breaking Circulation/ Dynamics OCEAN SURFACE ENERGY-DISSIPATION GAS TRANSFER TURBULENCE PARAMETERIZATIONS VARIABILITY DEPENDENCE ATLANTIC COVERAGE
High-resolution measurements of actively breaking whitecap fraction (W-FA) and total whitecap fraction (W-FT) from the Knorr11 field experiment in the Atlantic Ocean are compared with estimates of whitecap fraction modeled from the dissipation source term of the ECMWF wave model. The results reveal a strong linear relationship between model results and observed measurements. This indicates that the wave model dissipation is an accurate estimate of total whitecap fraction. The study also reveals that the dissipation source term is more closely related to W-FA than W-FT, which includes the additional contribution from maturing (stage B) whitecaps.
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