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Healy D, Clarke-Moloney M, Gaughan B, O'Daly S, Hausenloy D, Sharif F, Newell J, O'Donnell M, Grace P, Forbes JF, Cullen W, Kavanagh E, Burke P, Cross S, Dowdall J, McMonagle M, Fulton G, Manning BJ, Kheirelseid EA, Leahy A, Moneley D, Naughton P, Boyle E, McHugh S, Madhaven P, O'Neill S, Martin Z, Courtney D, Tubassam M, Sultan S, McCartan D, Medani M, Walsh S.
Preconditioning Shields Against Vascular Events in Surgery (SAVES), a multicentre feasibility trial of preconditioning against adverse events in major vascular surgery: study protocol for a randomised control trial.
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Biomedical Science and Engineering