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O’Connell, M., Kelly, F., McAdam, J.H.
Cattle in ancient and modern Ireland: farming practices, environment and economy
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Newcastle upon Tyne
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Agriculture; Archaeology; Earth sciences; Geography; History; Prehistory; Environment; folklore; biodiversity; sustainable farming; palaeoecology; Ireland
Cattle have been the mainstay of Irish farming since the Neolithic began in Ireland almost 6000 years ago. Cattle, and especially cows, have been important in the life experiences of most Irish people, directly and/or through legends such as the Táin Bó Cuailnge (The Cattle-raid of Cooley). In this book, diverse aspects of cattle in Ireland, from the circumstances of their first introduction to recent and ongoing developments in the management of grasslands—still the main food-source for cattle in Ireland—are explored in thirteen essays written by experts. New information is presented, and several aspects relating to cattle husbandry and the interactions of cattle and people that have hitherto received little or no attention are discussed.
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