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Casey, D., Campbell, L., Finn, Y., Hills, C., Carroll, C., Hunter, A., Meskell, M., Geoghegan, R., McDarby, G., Power, M., Burke, E., Boland, J., Tierney, M., Seedhouse, D., & Schmidt-Felzmann, H.
EuroSoTL-Bridging Boundaries through the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
Students experiences of using values based digital technology to enhance inter-professional education
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Cork, Ireland
nter-professional Education (IPE) takes place when at least two professions learn with, from and about one another to enhance collaborative practice. How best to implement IPE is a major challenge. Large student numbers and difficulties synchronising timetables are barriers to uptake. So far few educationalists have explored the use of digital technology as a means of overcoming these barriers. Currently NUIG and UCD are implementing a pilot study funded by the National Forum, to evaluate the impact of a digital technology based IPE programme designed to promote collaborative practice within undergraduate health care disciplines. The IPE Values Exchange system (VX) The six week programme focuses on values-based decision-making and ethically problematic health care situations. The VX system provides a rich pedagogical framework for exploring values and challenging preconceptions. The educational model underpinning VX draws on several pedagogical approaches including student-centred learning, problem- and group-based learning as well as self-directed engagement. It is a specifically designed highly networked environment which utilises a range of interactive learning tools enabling students to work collaboratively to solve specific shared problems, in a context specifically designed to make value-judgements transparent. Design: A mixed methods study was selected to evaluate the programme. A qualitative descriptive design utilising interviews with students and staff is currently being used to collect the data. The Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Scale and the Interdisciplinary Education Perception Scale will be used to collect quantitative data on studentís attitudes toward IPE. Approximately 250 students across NUIG and UCD will be involved. The first pilot will be completed in NUIG at the end of February 2015 and involves 189 students from nursing, medicine, speech and language, occupational therapy and social care. This paper will present the preliminary evaluation findings from these interviews and recommendations for future implementation of the programme.
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National Forum for the Enhaancement of Teachig & Learning
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