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Flynn, P., McHugh, M., Flanagan, E., Hall, T., McCauley, V.
Educational Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference 2016 - Education as a Public Good
The Naturalistic Context of Design-Based Research - Education for Public Good
Galway and NUI Galway
Co-chaired Session
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Designing educational innovations successfully is a complex undertaking. It requires a systematic approach that can help with implementing impactful local solutions while concomitantly advancing adoptable and adaptable design models that contribute broadly to education as a universal, public good. As a practitioner-oriented methodology, Design-Based Research (DBR) holds the notion of 'naturalistic context' as a core concept by characterising real-world educational challenges and questions as completely as possible, in all their complexity. Recent developments have transformed the education continuum, where the pervasiveness of technology-enhanced learning has become inextricably linked to teachersí and studentsí engagement with all levels of education. However, technological advancements across the education continuum have overburdened the capacity of educators to keep pace with such developments leaving efforts to innovate often frustrated. Now clear, is a need to discuss the role of systematic design research, in technology-enhanced settings, that is informed by theory and generates prototype design models for adoption and adaptation by educationists. This symposium presents three, interlinked, DBR papers that investigate the relationship between theory, design and practice in educational settings. It is our position that such designed methodologies have the potential for authentic and holistic impacts at all levels of education.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences