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Shearer, A,Redfern, RM,Gorman, G,Butler, R,Golden, A,OKane, P,Beskin, GM,Neizvestny, SI,Neustroev, VV,Plokhotnichenko, VL,Cullum, M
Astrophysical Journal
Pulsed optical emission from PSR 0656+141
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instrumentation, detectors pulsars, individual (PSR 0656+14) X-RAY EMISSION RADIO PULSARS PROPER-MOTION PSR-0656+14 PHENOMENOLOGY STARS
Using data collected with the Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAG) 6 m telescope and the University College Galway (UCG) Transputer Instrument for Fast Image Deconvolution (TRIFFID) imaging photometer, we show that the radio, X-ray, and gamma-ray pulsar PSR 0656+14 exhibits pulsed optical emission. We observed that the pulsed fraction was consistent with 100% and that the flux was higher than that expected from a thermal source. The magnitude of PSR 0656+14 in the B band was observed to be 25.1 +/- 0.3, consistent with previous CCD observations. The peak of the optical signal is at phase 0.2 compared to the radio and in phase with the weak gamma-ray pulse.
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