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Ni, JA,Ju, HX,Chen, HY,Leech, D
Chemical Journal Of Chinese Universities-Chinese
Electrocatalytic oxidation and trace determination of catecholamine neurotransmitters at osmium complex polymer and Nafion dual-layer membrane carbon-base electrode
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dual-layer membrane modified electrodes [Os(bpy)(2)(PVP)(10)Cl]Cl Nafion catecholamines electrocatalytical oxidation FIBER ELECTRODES TRANSPORT FILMS NADH
The fabrication and electrocatalytic characteristics of osmium complex polymer [Os (bpy)(2)(PVP)(10)Cl]Cl(OsP) or OsP-Nafion dual-layer membrane modified carbon-base (glassy carbon or graphite) electrodes were studied, The electrocatalytic behaviour of these modified electrodes to the oxidation of catecholamines(dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine) was investigated. The kinetic parameters of these electrocatalytic reactions were obtained, The OsP-Nafion dual-layer membrane modified electrodes could eliminate efficiently the interference of ascorbic acid and could be used in quantitative determination of trace catecholamine levels, The modified elecrodes showed excellent sensibility, selectivity and stability.
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