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O'Sullivan, C,Shearer, A,Colhoun, M,Golden, A,Redfern, M,Butler, R,Beskin, GM,Neizvestny, SI,Neustroev, VV,Plokhotnichenko, VL,Danks, A
Astronomy & Astrophysics
A search for the optical counterpart of PSR B1951+32 in the supernova remnant CTB 80
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pulsars : individual : PSR B1951+32 ISM : individual objects : CTB 80 X-RAY FAST PULSARS EMISSION
Using time-resolved two-dimensional aperture photometry we have put upper limits on the pulsed emission from two proposed optical counterparts for PSR B1951+32. Our pulsed upper limits of m(upsilon,pulsed) > 23.3, m(b,pulsed) > 24.4, for the first candidate and m(upsilon,pulsed) > 23.6, m(b,pulsed) > 24.3 for the second, make it unlikely that either of these is, in fact, the pulsar. We discuss three further candidates, but also reject these on the basis of timing results. A search of a 5."5 x 5."5 area centred close to these stars failed to find any significant pulsations at the reported pulsar period.
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