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Brisken, WF,Thorsett, SE,Golden, A,Goss, WM
Astrophysical Journal
The distance and radius of the neutron star PSR B0656+14
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astrometry equation of state pulsars : individual (PSR B0656+14) stars : neutron SPACE-TELESCOPE OBSERVATIONS PSR B0656+14 MODEL ATMOSPHERES PULSAR PARALLAXES PSR-0656+14 EMISSION
We present the result of astrometric observations of the radio pulsar PSR B0656+14, made using the Very Long Baseline Array. The parallax of the pulsar is pi = 3.47 +/- 0.36 milliarcsec, yielding a distance 288(-27)(+33) pc. This independent distance estimate has been used to constrain existing models of thermal X-ray emission from the neutron star's photosphere. Simple blackbody fits to the X-ray data formally yield a neutron star radius R-infinity similar to 7-8.5 km. With more realistic fits to a magnetized hydrogen atmosphere, any radius between similar to13 and similar to20 km is allowed.
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