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Khoo, Su-ming
ECER – WERA Focal meeting
Rethinking higher education economies: dilemmas of internationalization and possibilities for learning and transformation
International Refereed Conference
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Revisiting some work currently in progress (Khoo, Taylor and Andreotti, forthcoming; Khoo forthcoming, Khoo and Torres in progress), this paper takes the current crisis of higher education, and the response of ‘internationalization’ as valuable opportunities to respond to this ‘dangerous emptiness’, by putting back into the frame alternative economies that represent possible alternative normative and ethical foundations for public higher education. The aim is to pluralize the possibilities for higher education to play a democratic and transformative role in society, at local (including within-institution), national and global levels. Three alternative possibilities are examined for rethinking the ‘economies’ of higher education beyond that of the commodity transaction. These three alternatives connect the spheres of ethics and economics in different ways – as gift economies (Vaughan, 2002; Hyde, 2006), as care economies (Lynch, 2009) and as public goods (Khoo, 2014; Marginson, 2011; Marginson, 2006).
Academy of Finland
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context