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Khoo, Su-ming
CEL 274 Seminar presentation
A ‘doubly troubling’ encounter: Critical postcolonial theory and empirical survey findings in the EIHE research project
Invited Lecture
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This paper explores the 'doubly troubling' encounter between critical postcolonial theory and research findings from the EIHE project (funded by the Finnish Academy from 2012-15). EIHE is one of the most exciting and challenging international comparative research projects on ethics and higher education, involving a number of WERA GEHE-IRN participants. This symposium explores methodological challenges, strategies and innovations emerging from this mixed-methods project. Key challenges include: the alignment of critical perspectives with the interpretation and generalizability of survey findings; institutional and geographical diversity of research sites; contextual and disciplinary diversity of both respondents and researchers occupying different disciplinary identities and roles. Some key ideas and strategies employed include: the use of historical approaches; postcolonial, post-structuralist and post-positivist theorizing; social cartographies and imaginaries; interdisciplinarity; conceptual and comparative approaches and collective emancipatory pedagogies.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context