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Flanagan, RJ,Geever, M,O'Dowd, CD
Environmental Chemistry
Direct measurements of new-particle fluxes in the coastal environment
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aerosol fluxes aerosol nucleation climate change coastal aerosols IODINE
Measurements of the flux of new secondary aerosol particles during nucleation events in the coastal environment using an eddy-correlation technique are reported for the first time. Events are divided into two types based on the prevailing wind direction. During tidal-related nucleation events, new-particle upward fluxes are typically of the order of 10(9)-10(10) particles m(-2) s(-1). A close correlation (r(2) = 0.86) was found between total particle concentration and total (positive) flux when air masses were not affected by multiple sources. This would suggest that continuous measurements of particle number concentration at Mace Head can be translated into a flux using the resulting parameterization. It is expected that parameterizations obtained from similar data and analysis would be equally feasible at other coastal locations.
DOI 10.1071/EN05069
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