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Kildea, J,Atkins, RW,Badran, HM,Blaylock, G,Bond, IH,Bradbury, SM,Buckley, JH,Carter-Lewis, DA,Celik, O,Chow, YCK,Cui, W,Cogan, P,Daniel, MK,Perez, ID,Dowdall, C,Duke, C,Falcone, AD,Fegan, DJ,Fegan, SJ,Finley, JP,Fortson, LF,Gall, D,Gillanders, GH,Grube, J,Gutierrez, KJ,Hall, J,Hall, TA,Holder, J,Horan, D,Hughes, SB,Jordan, M,Jung, I,Kenny, GE,Kertzman, M,Knapp, J,Konopelko, A,Kosack, K,Krawczynski, H,Krennrich, F,Lang, MJ,LeBohec, S,Lloyd-Evans, J,Millis, J,Moriarty, P,Nagai, T,Ogden, PA,Ong, RA,Perkins, JS,Petry, D,Pizlo, F,Pohl, M,Quinn, J,Quinn, M,Rebillot, PF,Rose, HJ,Schroedter, M,Sembroski, GH,Smith, AW,Syson, A,Toner, JA,Valcarcel, L,Vassiliev, VV,Wakely, SP,Weekes, TC,White, RJ
Astroparticle Physics
The Whipple Observatory 10 m gamma-ray telescope, 1997-2006
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gamma-ray astronomy gamma-ray telescope atmospheric Cherenkov effect imaging atmospheric Cherenkov technique Whipple collaboration VERITAS GRANITE imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope ATMOSPHERIC CHERENKOV TELESCOPE IMAGING TELESCOPE GALACTIC-CENTER TEV ENERGIES EMISSION SYSTEM ARRAY DISCOVERY RADIATION ASTRONOMY
Details are presented of the Whipple Observatory's 10 m atmospheric Cherenkov telescope and camera, as it evolved during the period 1997 until 2006. The design of the telescope and camera's optical and electronic systems is discussed together with a detailed description of the four-stage GRANITE (Gamma-RAy New Imaging TElescope) upgrade program, undertaken during the same time period. The objective of the upgrade was to improve the telescope's sensitivity for the detection of very-high-energy gamma-rays. Results from the program are provided and are briefly discussed in the context of the design of VERITAS. (C) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
DOI 10.1016/j.astropartphys.2007.05.004
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