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Batako, ADL,Piiroinen, PT
Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part C-Journal Of Mechanical Engineering Science
Friction-driven vibro-impact system for percussive-rotary drilling: a numerical study of the system dynamics
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stick-slip motion bifurcations vibro-impact drilling DISCONTINUOUS BIFURCATIONS VIBRATIONS
Stick-slip-induced vibration in drilling has a detrimental effect on the drilling system and may lead to the failure of the drill string. This study is a further development of a friction-driven vibro-impact system which was investigated previously. The system used the stick-slip properties to generate a vibratory motion of a hammer that collides with the bit. The previous study focused on the influence of the friction on the response of the system without impacts. This paper investigates the full dynamic response of the model including friction and impact. Numerical bifurcation analysis of the system is undertaken to establish various motions and dynamical changes. This study focuses on the system performance outside the stable interval identified in the earlier investigation. The response of the system is illustrated along with the phase portraits.
DOI 10.1243/09544062JMES888
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