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Slattery, B., Stewart, I. & O'Hora, D.
Journal Of The Experimental Analysis Of Behavior
Testing for transitive class containment as a feature of hierarchical classification
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stimulus control hierarchical classification categorization transitive class containment humans CLASS INCLUSION HIERARCHIES STIMULUS EQUIVALENCE CATEGORIZATION OPERANT
Three experiments investigated responding consistent with transitive class containment, a feature of hierarchical classification. Experiment 1 replicated key components of a preliminary attempt to model hierarchical classification (Griffee & Dougher, 2002) and tested for responding consistent with transitive class containment. Only 2 out Of 5 participants showed the expected pattern. Experiment 2 tested whether repeated exposures to the Experiment 1 protocol would give rise to the expected pattern more reliably. None of 3 novel participants demonstrated the pattern. In Experiment 3, physically similar stimuli used in Experiments 1 and 2 were replaced across testing cycles by arbitrary stimuli. Transitive-class-containment-consistent responding was observed in all 3 novel participants. Implications, limitations and future research are discussed.
DOI 10.1901/jeab.2011.96-243
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