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Declan Coogan
European Conference on Domestic Violence
Listening & Supporting Practitioners: Encounters with Child to Parent Violence.
Queens University Belfast
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This inter-active workshop session aims to raise awareness about child to parent violence, (a newly emerging form of violence within the family), contribute to the evidence base relating to effective interventions and share experiences of thinking about and working with child to parent violence. The workshop begins with an exploration of violence within the family. Participants are asked to anonymously note their first impressions and questions on the theme of child to parent violence, its causes and responses to violence in the family. Workshop participants are also invited to consider the need for a paradigm shift to assist practitioners and services to respond effectively to the problem of abuse and violence in families, particularly when children use violence at home. Reporting on the findings of research interviews with practitioners from different settings, the facilitator will share with workshop participants, the experiences of some practitioners in Ireland who encountered child to parent violence and used elements of the Non Violent Resistance (NVR) Programme (Omer 2004; Weinblatt & Omer 2008; Coogan & Lauster 2014) in their work with families. It will be proposed that the NVR Programme can support practitioners to make a difference in the lives of children and families and enhance safety and protection at home.
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