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Nelson, J,de Ven, PV,Bourke, A,Olaighin, G,Antomarini, M,Sdogati, C,Vicente, ME,Cunningham, P,Cunningham, M
Exploiting The Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications And Case Studies, Pts 1 And 2
The Role of Users in CAALYX
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Ambient Assisted Living Elderly Users Vital Signs Fall and Mobility Sensors
This paper introduces the Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment project (CAALYX), the progress so far and what remains to be done. A lot of what the project is doing is guided by extensive user participation and feedback. Hence, an overview is given of the many user aspects of the project and the associated challenges, strengths and weaknesses, and the lessons learned, in particular from the Phase I trials. A more realistic view of the technology role is discovered as a result of comprehensive verification and validation. Some of the many other aspects to be addressed before such systems can be widely and effectively deployed are identified.
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