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Seán Crosson and Philip Dine
2016 June
Sport and Communication
Sport and the Media in Ireland: An Introduction
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Sport, Media, Ireland,
The symbiotic relationship that has existed since the mid-nineteenth century between sport and the media - from the popular press, through newsreels and radio, to television, and beyond - is so well established as hardly to require comment. However, the very familiarity of this long and successful marriage should not blind us to its abiding, and abidingly remarkable, affective power, both for individuals and for communities, real and ‘imagined’, of all kinds. We may thus legitimately pause to reflect on the key role played by the media in establishing the local, national and international significance of what are inherently ephemeral and objectively trivial corporeal practices. This essay considers the historical development of media depictions of sport in Ireland and it's importance for constructions of Irish identities.
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