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O'Brien, A; Scott, M
18th Annual Irish Academy of Management
Government Crowdsourcing: the role of eParticipation Architecture in creating Public Value
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e-Participation; Public Value
Galway, Ireland
Inspired by the e-Participation framework of Saebo, the activities of online political discourse and decision making are studied in the context of crowdsourcing (platforms which enable the outsourcing of a problem to the crowd) as an underlying technology; and are examined though the public administration theory of creating public value. Due to the shared locus of power, crowdsourcing is situated at the intersection between government led and citizen led e-Participation. Previous research has shown that a high Sense of Community has positive and significant effects on both internal and external efficacy; translated to government crowdsourcing, it would mean that design features that encouraged a Sense of Community in government crowdsourcing would be best placed to create public value by promoting civic engagement, and enabling the creation of a public that could understand and act in their own interests. As citizens are the arbiters of public value, the second phase of the research looks at the outcomes of government crowdsourcing process from the perspective of the citizen. Proposing that there is a hierarchy of participation; that there are different routes to participation. A key contribution is in the novelty of the subjects being investigated as these two constructs, crowdsourcing and public value have to date not been researched together. The outcomes of the research will guide interactions and connections in government crowdsourcing communities through the technical, legal and social capabilities offered to community members, similar to the way that architecture guides people in physical spaces.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences