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Breen, PP,OLaighin, G,McIntosh, C,Dinneen, SF,Quinlan, LR,Serrador, JM
Medical Engineering & Physics
A new paradigm of electrical stimulation to enhance sensory neural function
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Sensory perception Neural engineering Neural prosthesis Sensory aids Noise Stochastic systems NOISE-INDUCED SYNCHRONIZATION STOCHASTIC RESONANCE BALANCE CONTROL COHERENCE RESONANCE CRAYFISH
The ability to improve peripheral neural transmission would have significant therapeutic potential in medicine. A technology of this kind could be used to restore and/or enhance sensory function in individuals with depressed sensory function, such as older adults or patients with peripheral neuropathies. The goal of this study was to investigate if a new paradigm of subsensory electrical noise stimulation enhances somatosensory function. Vibration (50 Hz) was applied with a Neurothesiometer to the plantar aspect of the foot in the presence or absence of subsensory electrical noise (1/f type). The noise was applied at a proximal site, on a defined region of the tibial nerve path above the ankle. Vibration perception thresholds (VPT) of younger adults were measured in control and experimental conditions, in the absence or presence of noise respectively. An improvement of similar to 16% in VPT was found in the presence of noise. These are the first data to demonstrate that modulation of axonal transmission with externally applied electrical noise improves perception of tactile stimuli in humans. (C) 2014 IPEM. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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