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Florian, A,Nikoloski, Z,Sulpice, R,Timm, S,Araujo, WL,Tohge, T,Bauwe, H,Fernie, AR
Molecular plant
Analysis of Short-Term Metabolic Alterations in Arabidopsis Following Changes in the Prevailing Environmental Conditions
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central metabolism environmental perturbation gene expression metabolic regulation photorespiration photosynthesis ribulose-1 5-bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase (RubisCO) ADP-GLUCOSE PYROPHOSPHORYLASE TRANSCRIPT LEVELS ENZYME-ACTIVITIES CARBOHYDRATE-METABOLISM PHENOTYPIC PLASTICITY THERMAL-ACCLIMATION SIGNALING PATHWAYS GAS-CHROMATOGRAPHY PLANT RESPIRATION GLYCOLATE OXIDASE
Although a considerable increase in our knowledge concerning the importance of metabolic adjustments to unfavorable growth conditions has been recently provided, relatively little is known about the adjustments which occur in response to fluctuation in environmental factors. Evaluating the metabolic adjustments occurring under changing environmental conditions thus offers a good opportunity to increase our current understanding of the crosstalk between the major pathways which are affected by such conditions. To this end, plants growing under normal conditions were transferred to different light and temperature conditions which were anticipated to affect (amongst other processes) the rates of photosynthesis and photorespiration and characterized at the physiological, molecular, and metabolic levels following this transition. Our results revealed similar behavior in response to both treatments and imply a tight connectivity of photorespiration with the major pathways of plant metabolism. They further highlight that the majority of the regulation of these pathways is not mediated at the level of transcription but that leaf metabolism is rather pre-poised to adapt to changes in these input parameters.
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