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O'Gorman, S,Osman, R,Smith, M,Callagy, G,Regan, M,Kerin, M
Irish Journal Of Medical Science
A rare case of arterial thrombosis in a 37-year-old male with Factor V Leiden mutation
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Arterial thrombosis Factor V Leiden Mesenteric ischaemia MESENTERIC ISCHEMIA
The classic triad of symptoms seen in chronic mesenteric ischaemia is post-prandial pain, sitophobia (fear of food) and progressive weight loss. Patients with mesenteric ischaemia secondary to a prothrombotic state such as that rendered by the Factor V Leiden mutation, are substantially younger than the typical elderly patient in whom embolic disease triggered by atrial fibrillation is the main underlying cause.This is one such case report documenting arterial thrombosis in a 37-year-old male with a subsequently identified heterozygous Factor V Leiden mutation.Factor V Leiden mutation is a contributing risk factor in cases of small bowel infarction.
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