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Hyde, CJ,Sun, W,Hyde, TH,Rouse, JP,Farragher, T,O'Dowd, NP,Leen, SB
Journal Of Pressure Vessel Technology-Transactions Of The Asme
Cyclic Viscoplasticity Testing and Modeling of a Service-Aged P91 Steel
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A service-aged P91 steel was used to perform an experimental program of cyclic mechanical testing in the temperature range of 400 degrees C-600 degrees C, under isothermal conditions, using both saw-tooth and dwell (inclusion of a constant strain dwell period at the maximum (tensile) strain within the cycle) waveforms. The results of this testing were used to identify the material constants for a modified Chaboche, unified viscoplasticity model, which can deal with rate-dependant cyclic effects, such as combined isotropic and kinematic hardening, and time-dependent effects, such as creep, associated with viscoplasticity. The model has been modified in order that the two-stage (nonlinear primary and linear secondary) softening which occurs within the cyclic response of the service-aged P91 material is accounted for and accurately predicted. The characterization of the cyclic viscoplasticity behavior of the service-aged P91 material at 500 degrees C is presented and compared to experimental stress-strain loops, cyclic softening and creep relaxation, obtained from the cyclic isothermal tests.
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