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Srivastava, A,Cunningham, C,Pandit, A,Wall, JG
Macromolecular Bioscience
Improved Gene Transfection Efficacy and Cytocompatibility of Multifunctional Polyamidoamine-Cross-Linked Hyaluronan Particles
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conjugated polymers drug delivery systems hyaluronic acid intervertebral disk poly(amidoamine) ANTIBODY FRAGMENT PAMAM DENDRIMERS CELLULAR UPTAKE DOMOIC ACID DELIVERY SIRNA BINDING CYTOTOXICITY DEGENERATION THERAPY
We describe a multi-functional, cationic hyaluronic acid (HA)-based gene carrier with improved transfection over non-cross-linked HA, and negligible cytotoxicity. Cationized particles are developed by cross-linking HA chain carboxyl groups with polyamidoamine amine termini to produce well segregated particles of 350-400nm with a surface charge density of +2mV, compared with -35mV for non-cationized particles. A tethered antibody fragment retains ligand binding for cell targeting. Cationized and antibody-linked particles complex plasmid DNA efficiently and the cationized particles successfully deliver reporter genes to bovine intervertebral disk cells as an intervertebral disk regeneration model.
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