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Clohessy, T., Acton,T., Morgan, L., Reddan, B., Sharkey, U (2015).
28th Bled eConference
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Bled, Slovenia
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The forthcoming years will be a crucial period for the development of cloud computing. Built upon foundations in virtualisation, distributed computing, utility computing, networking, and more recently, web and software services, ‘cloud’ represents a shift to computing as a service, enabling a fundamental change in how information technology is provisioned. From a business model perspective, the rationale for provisioning or consuming cloud computing is compelling in terms of agility, innovation, lower costs, and scalability. To reap the benefits of cloud computing, organisations often require parallel innovation in business models, organisational processes, structures and skills. However, recent research suggests that both cloud service providers and service users are concurrently experiencing substantial difficulties in their attempts to effectively leverage the transformational business capabilities afforded by cloud computing. These difficulties can often be rooted in a reluctance or inability of organisations to alter their existing business models when attempting to leverage the nascent capabilities of digital technologies. This is compounded by the fragmented fuzzy descriptors underlying the business model concept, the rapidly evolving cloud computing technological landscape and the inherent complexities of cloud computing architectures. Moreover, concrete examples of how cloud computing can benefit enterprises and customers from a business model perspective are required. For organisations wishing to leverage the propitious capabilities associated with cloud computing, it is imperative from the outset that IS researchers are proactively involved in every discussion regarding the paradigm. The panel session will provide a current snapshot of leading business model research in cloud computing, capturing both provision and consumption perspectives. The panellists will discuss the state of the art research on the business model value of cloud via the following agenda: • An overview of the current cloud computing business model landscape • Demonstrate exemplars of how enterprises have successfully leveraged cloud • Demonstrate challenges which are currently stagnating cloud growth • Suggest a research agenda for both IS researchers and practitioners
This work was supported, in part, by Science Foundation Ireland grant 10/CE/I1855 to Lero - the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (
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