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Clohessy, T.; Acton, T.; Morgan, L.
Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE/ACM 7th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing
Smart City as a Service (SCaaS): Catalysing E-Government Smart City Development with Cloud Computing
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Smart cities, E-Government, Cloud Computing
The concept of a smart city has been identified as not only representing a crucible for technological innovation, a medium for realising global integration but also as an exemplar response for addressing current and impending global issues (societal, environmental economic and governance). There is now general consensus that emerging information communication technologies (ICT) such as cloud computing can be deployed as a vehicle for catalysing smart city innovation. There is also evidence to suggest that cloud computing has become a strategic direction for many e-government initiatives as evidenced by the emergence of global government clouds (G Cloud). In this paper, we delineate the concept of a smart city and explore the propitious potential of cloud computing to enable the development of smart cities. We review the current state of art pertaining to a selection of cloud schemes currently being operationalized by international governments aimed at capitalising on the nascent innovation capabilities of the technological paradigm, and present a future research roadmap for cloud facilitated smart city development. Funded By This work was supported, in part, by Science Foundation Ireland grant 10/CE/I1855 to Lero - the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (
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