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Agapova, M,Duignan, A,Smith, A,O'Neill, C,Basu, A
Expert review of pharmacoeconomics & outcomes research
Long-term costs of introducing HPV-DNA post-treatment surveillance to national cervical cancer screening in Ireland
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cervical cancer colposcopy costs analysis decision analysis human papillomavirus post-treatment surveillance screening INTRAEPITHELIAL NEOPLASIA FOLLOW-UP RISK WOMEN GUIDELINES CYTOLOGY DISEASE CURE
Introduction: Co-testing (cytology plus human papillomavirus DNA testing) as part of cervical cancer surveillance in Ireland increases one-time testing costs. Of interest to policy makers was the long-term impact of these costs accompanied by decreases in intensity of recalls for women with no detected abnormalities. Methods: A cost analysis of cytology-only and co-testing strategy was implemented using decision analytic modeling, aggregating testing utilization and costs for each of the two strategies over 12 years. Results: Aggregated incremental costs of the co-testing strategy were positive for the first 3 years but became negative thereafter, generating a cost savings of roughly Euro20 million in favor of the cytology-only strategy over a 12-year period. Results were robust over a range of sensitivity analyses with respect to discount and attrition rates. Discussion: This analysis provided valuable information to policy makers contributing to the introduction of co-testing for post-treatment surveillance (PTS) in Ireland.
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