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Given, JE,Bunting, BP,O'Kane, MJ,Dunne, F,Coates, VE
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics
Tele-Mum: A Feasibility Study for a Randomized Controlled Trial Exploring the Potential for Telemedicine in the Diabetes Care of Those with Gestational Diabetes
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Background: The incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)hyperglycemia with onset or first recognition during pregnancyis increasing and will have a significant impact on diabetes services. This study aimed to determine the feasibility and acceptability of using telemedicine in the diabetes care of women with GDM and the possibility of replacing alternate (one in every two) diabetes review appointments with telemedicine. Subjects and Methods: A feasibility study for a randomized controlled trial was conducted across two sites. Fifty women with GDM were randomized to usual care (n=26) or usual care plus telemedicine (n=24). Telemedicine entailed weekly blood pressure and weight measurements and transmission of these data, along with blood glucose readings, for review by the healthcare team. Patients were contacted about these results as necessary. Patients completed questionnaires to measure their satisfaction with telemedicine or blood glucose monitoring. The intervention group and healthcare providers also took part in qualitative interviews. Analysis involved descriptive statistics for the satisfaction questionnaires and framework analysis for the qualitative interviews. Results: Eighty-nine percent of patients were satisfied with telemedicine and would use it again. Both HCPs and patients found the equipment easy to use and were positive about using it to replace alternate diabetes review appointments in the future. If used in this way, healthcare providers felt that protected time in which to perform the telemedicine review would be necessary. Conclusions: Telemedicine may help meet the growing demand on diabetes services due to increasing numbers of women being diagnosed with GDM.
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