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Declan Coogan, Stephanie Holt
2015 September
Social Work in Ireland - Changes and Continuities
Responding to Family Violence - New Challenges and Perspectives
Palgrave Macmillan
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Social Work, Ireland, Austerity, Child to Parent Violence; Post Separation Contact, Domestic Violence
During a period of great economic and political change and uncertainty this book offers a timely evaluation of social work in Ireland. Social Work in Ireland: Changes and Continuities has brought together a range of academics and professionals to provide a comprehensive analysis of social work in the Republic of Ireland. It addresses key questions such as 'How is social work in Ireland responding to rapidly changing social, cultural and economic circumstances?'; 'How will the new relationships between the state/NGO/private sectors impact on the provision of social services?' and 'How does, and will, social work respond to the needs of specific service user groups?' In addressing these questions the book explores key areas of practice, including child welfare, domestic violence, mental health, working with migrants and minority ethnic groups, substance misuse, probation services, and work with older people and people with a disability. This book is an essential read for students of social work and social care in Ireland and will also be of great interest to qualified practitioners in both the social work field and other social care professions.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy